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Bioenergetics exercises

A practice that combines conscious movements, breathing and relaxation

Using breathing techniques, muscle relaxation, and specific and conscious body movements, bioenergetic exercises aim to release tensions accumulated in the body and restore energetic balance.

They promote an overall feeling of calm, well-being, and awareness of your body.

Do you feel yourself in these situations?

  • You want a break to recharge your energy
  • You feel that you are not in touch with your body
  • You want to rediscover the connection with your body
  • You want to relax and you think you have somatized negative emotions

What is an anti-stress bioenergetic exercise class

This practice combines specific body movements, conscious breathing, and relaxation to release physical and emotional tension, improve posture, and promote the release of accumulated stress.

Through the direct experience of the body and awareness of own sensations, bioenergetics can become a powerful tool to improve general well-being, reduce anxiety and stress, and promote greater harmony of mind, body, emotions.

What isn’t an anti-stress bioenergetic exercise class

  • It’s not Yoga
  • It’s not Pilates
  • It’s not Physiotherapy
  • It’s not Gymnastics
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Bioenergetics exercises offer great benefits

Reducing stress

Anti-stress bioenergetic exercises help dissolve tensions accumulated in the body, thus reducing stress levels and promoting a feeling of calm and relaxation.

Improving mental well-being

Participating in a bioenergetic exercise class can promote greater awareness of oneself and one’s emotions, thus improving overall mental well-being.

Relaxing the muscles

The muscle relaxation practices used in anti-stress bioenergetics can help reduce muscle tension and relieve physical pain or discomfort.

Increasing vital energy

By stimulating the flow of energy through the body, anti-stress bioenergetics class can promote an increase in vitality and overall energy.

Promoting personal growth

The regular practice of anti-stress bioenergetics exercises can be an opportunity to explore and deepen the relationship between body, mind, and emotions, thus promoting personal growth and spiritual development.

How it works

We have a first call of 30 minutes to meet and greet (for free).

If you decide to start bioenergetics exercises with me, during the call I will explain the times, costs, and meeting methods (in person or online) and all the useful details to get started.

I’m thrilled to start, and you?

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