Workplace counselling - Marta Spedalieri

Workplace counselling

I offer a confidential environment for employees

A place where they can explore and face personal or professional challenges that influence their working well-being.

A workplace counseling desk is a space where I promote emotive support, stress management, and improvement of adaptation skills with one-to-one meetings to contribute to a healthier and more productive organizational environment.

Do you feel yourself in these situations?

  • You are a business owner and you don’t know how to help your employees
  • You are employed and are having difficulty with personal or work problems
  • You notice repetitive patterns of behavior at work
  • You are experiencing frustrations and a tense atmosphere within the office
  • There is a work relationship to recover or let go
  • You feel the need for support
  • You can’t stand your colleague anymore

What counselling is

  • It is a helping relationship based on the connection between the counselor and the client, in which the counselor helps to self-help
  • It is a path in which the counselor accompanies the client to discover his/her resources to cope with what he/she is experiencing
  • It’s a safe, cozy, and confidential place, without judgment, where to share your difficulties and insecurities
  • The counseling process is limited and placed in the here-and-now
  • The counselor’s values are: transparency, consistency, honesty, acceptance, authenticity, trust, freedom and respect.

What counselling isn’t

  • It isn’t psychotherapy
  • It doesn’t work in the past
  • It’s not a coaching path
Workplace counselling - Marta Spedalieri
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Workplace desk counselling offers several significant benefits

Emotional support

It provides emotional support, helping employees manage stress, deal with personal challenges, and improve their mental well-being.

Positive organizational environment

It promotes a more positive and collaborative organizational environment, reducing absenteeism and improving overall performance.

Trust and sense of belonging

Promotes employees’ trust and sense of belonging to the company, demonstrating a tangible commitment to their overall well-being.

Client reviews

How it works

We have a first free call of 30 minutes to meet and understand how I can help you.

We define how we can work together, with times and ways.

I’m thrilled to start, and you?

Start a counseling desk for your company

Book your free 30 mins call and let’s talk about it

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